• Karen McConnell

P-p-p-pick Up A Pumpkin!

It’s that time of year again ... when the kids come and show you an extravagently-carved pumpkin on google images and ask you to “help” re-create it for the school Halloween Disco and pumpkin-carving competition - eye roll!

As much as pumpkin carving doesn’t sit comfortably within my skill set, I’m all up for a day trip to pick our own pumpkins and that’s exactly what we did on Sunday afternoon.

I was super-excited to accept the invitation to this year’s press preview event at Arnprior Farm in Stirlingshire, particularly as I missed it last year as I was at HOYS. The event did not disappoint and myself, Chris, the kids and our friends Kate Latimer, her Husband Andy and their son Albert, took a drive out to get involved in the fun.

A soggy afternoon didn’t put a dampener on the event with a covered area offering somewhere to sit, teas, coffees and homebaking, some arts and crafts for the kids and the yummiest Pumpkin Dahl I’ve ever tasted! Ok, so it might have been the only Pumpkin Dahl I’ve ever had but it was GOOD and I’ll definitely be trying to re-create it this season!

We then grabbed ourselves a wheelbarrow and set out into the acres of pumpkins growing in the farm (they reckon they have over 10,000 pumpkins on the farm this year!!)

Callan was on the hunt for a “Big Daddy” pumpkin and I’m confident he did in fact find the biggest one in the patch - we’ve got our work cut out carving that one! Cora picked a perfect looking petite pumpkin and I acquired an unusual white pumpkin, a green one and half a dozen ”munchkin pumpkins” - I have them displayed in the kitchen and they look fab!

We had a fab afternoon out and will definitely be back again next year, so if you’re close enough to visit Arnprior, definitely pop it in the diary this October.

K xx


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