• Karen McConnell

Edinburgh Cocktail Week

I started my week the right way this week when I got a wee sneak-preview of the awesome Edinburgh Cocktail Week domes at The Glasshouse Hotel on Sunday evening.

These incredible domes on the rooftop garden at The Glasshouse are set up for about 8 people and are kitted out with beautiful velvet sofas and chairs - and ultra cool way to enjoy the signature Edinburgh Cocktail week cocktails.

When night falls, these domes light up in a rainbow of different colours and look incredible so are well worth going to see. Now here’s the catch - the bookable domes are all fully booked for the week BUT there are a couple available for walk-ins so as long as you have your Cocktail week wristband or lanyard, take a chance and go for a visit.

A day later, Chris and I took a trip for the opening night of The Cocktail Village which is a lively market of bars and distillers serving exclusive cocktails for you to sample. This year’s themed room is the Cocktail Forrest which is a magical earthy room full of foliage and real-life fairies! With music, singing and dancing, the Cocktail Village is party central in Edinburgh this week so you must pop in to sample it’s offerings.

Karen xx


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